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A man playing the drums.
An accoustic drumset in the recording studio

Drumless Music 

If you are a drummer and love playing along to your favorite music and want to build up your drumless library, you have come to the right place.  Uplayalong is a brand new platform where members share their mp3 drumless cover music with each other. Every member can download any number of trackless MP3s that any other members has uploaded.  

Trackless music sharing relies on member input to build up a library so that every members contribution benefits everybody.  As we are only a new site we do not yet have thousands of songs to chose from but as we grow this will become the case. 

You will only find covers of well known songs in the rock genre, songs such as "roll over the barrel" don't exist here.


What is drumless music?

A drumless track is an audio track of a song where the drums have been removed using special software. If you want to just drum along to music, simply playing over the same drum part in the recording is not going to give you the full freedom of expression as playing the part where the drums have been removed.

 Playing along to drumless covers is not only great fun but is useful as part of every practice session and by drum teachers as a powerful tool to help students with their timing, ear training, learning new songs and improvisation.

 Member Benefits

  Uplayalong is a platform for sharing drumless music between members. You can upload your drumless covers and download any that you like from the Member Library 

You can also upload your own videos and images on "Share MP4", have your own page, make new friends and became part of the trackless sharing community. 


The member library is a sharing platform and the library of drumless music will continue to grow as more and more people become members and start sharing.  This is where you can get the latest drumless music that members want to share with others.

 By becoming a member you will be able to download as many drumless mp3s as you like from the member library (currently about 500 drumless songs).  This in itself means you can download all 500 songs for just the cost of the membership, not bad don't you think, considering most other places charge $5 per song!  

Become a member 
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Lifetime membership $19.99 (for limited time)

"What better than to have a single internet source where you can find the biggest selection of trackless music to choose from and download for free".               

                                                                                                    Robin Lamott (founder)

The founder of Uplayalong sitting at a drumkit.
Become part of the drumless music sharing community today, and increase your drumless play along library!   

Copyright disclaimer

Uplayalong provides a user platform as part of it's service that enables members to share their drumless music with one another free of charge.  Copyrighted music that does not legally belong to any member may only be used under the "fair use" clause as described under section 107 of the copyright act that allows the use of such  for educational and teaching purposes, and for personal use.  Uplayalong owners and it's employee's accept no liability resulting in copyright infringement by it's members and users.   

© 2021 by Uplayalong all rights reserved

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